The European project AMable launches new Open Call

The European project AMable launches new Open Call

After its success on the first edition for innovative ideas in additively manufactured products, the AMable project provides its services for SME’s and mid-caps within Europe Union through a new call for Experiments.

O Porriño, 9th May 2019.–For the second year in a row, the European project AMable is looking for innovative product ideas that need Additive Manufacturing (AM) to become alive. Throughout the whole process of developing an innovative product idea towards its real part, the selected teams will have the support of AMable consortium. It complements the knowledge and capability of the team and combines all efforts for a ground-breaking product result.

As a Factories of the Future (FoF) project under the umbrella of I4MS (ICT for Manufacturing SMEs), the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme supports the AMable project to accelerate the uptake of additive manufacturing technologies; from design to manufacturing for functional parts throughout the European Union.

Furthermore, the AMable Services Arena will offer unbiased access to the best European AM knowledge and, consequently, support its adoption. In combination with a digitally integrated data backbone, tailored services will assist SMEs in the uptake of AM and include technological, business and training services.

As an extension of last year’s goals, this open call seeks for ground-breaking suggestions, which will result in economically and technologically viable additively manufactured products.

AMable calls for proposals that bring forward an innovative idea of functional products that needs AM to become real. The call aims to enable SMEs to take up AM with the help of financial support and AMable Services. These services target at support and upskilling of employees in the areas of design for AM, technology development, skills and education and to support theirbusiness development.

Call Facts

Submission Deadline: 01.06.2019

Estimated Budget: 300.000 Euros

Eligibility: SME's and mid-caps from the European Union

Experimentation types: Feasibility Studies (short time frame, low TRL) and Best Practice Experiments (higher TRL)

Experimentation teams: SME or mid-caps

Experimentation: Innovative idea of an additively manufactured product

More information:

About AMable

AMable is co-funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 768775 and also it runs under the umbrella of European Commission’s initiative “ICT for manufacturing SMEs (I4MS)”. The principal objective of this project is toaccelerate the uptake of additive manufacturing by SMEs/mid-caps leading to innovative products and upskilled personnel.

All that is operated on the AMable Digital Data Chain that ensures data integrity and authenticity providing a new value-chain mode in a fully digital environment.

The parties involved are PwC/strategy& (DE), Industrial Dataspace (DE), KeenBull (CH), Zabala (ES), Fraunhofer ILT & ISST (DE), AIMEN (ES), DTI (DK) EWF (BE), Frederick Research Center (CY), Inspire (CH), Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems (GR), Lortek (ES), TheManufacturing Technology Center MTC (UK), Politechnico di Torino (IT), Sirris, (BE), SUPSI (CH), TNO (NL), TWI (UK), Politechnika Wroclawska (PL), VTT (FI).

Coordination of the AMable Project

Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT
c/o Ulrich Thombansen
Steinbachstrasse 15
52074 Aachen


Communications and Exploitation

About European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF)

EWF is a pioneer in implementing a harmonized qualification and certification system for joining professionals. Through European projects EWF has been innovating in training methodologies and involved in the development of new technologies and uses for joining. Through its member organisations, EWF has established a firm link to the local industry, providing knowledge andtraining as well as participating in research initiatives that address the most pressing questions and challenges in the field of joining technologies.


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