Facilities & Equipment

AIMEN facilities are unique and innovative, with cutting-edge equipment. We aim to cover our partners and clients necessities in the fields of materials and processes.

  • 2 centres
  • 9.000 m2 of technological and scientific infraestructure
  • Cutting-edge equipment
Sede Central en O Porriño


Laser Applications Centre

Located in the industrial area of Cataboi, en O Porriño, it covers an area of 4.000 m2 on a plot of 11.100 m2.

Sede Torneiros en O Porriño

Torneiros Centre

“Armando Priegue” Building

With 5,000 m2, the building Armando Priegue is located on a plot of 7,500 m2 in Torneiros, O Porriño.


Joining Technologies

Laser Technologies

Laser Macro-processing

Laser Micro-processing

Handling: CNC gantries, robots and servo-controlled tables


Automation and Robotics



Mechanical Testing

Microstructural Characterisation

Physico-chemical testing

Non-destructive Testing (Radiographic-Ultrasonic equipment)

Metrology Dimensional