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Corporate Ethics and Compliance

At AIMEN we are committed to complying with the highest standards of good corporate governance and sustainability, based on the ethical, upright, responsible and transparent behaviour, both by the Association and by all its professionals.

In this way, respond to the requirements and needs of its internal and external stakeholders under the premise of continuous improvement and immersion of compliance in its processes and procedures.

Accordingly, it lends its maximum support to the Compliance Management System that is being progressively implemented in the Organisation, and to the Compliance Committee which, as an independent and autonomous body, has among its functions, the supervision of the System.

And all this based on respect for ethical values and the law, with an express statement of zero tolerance for crime.

The Management of AIMEN

Ethical Channels

As part of its Compliance Policy, AIMEN provides all members of the Organisation with the following ethical channels and channels for reporting complaints and infringements.