Technological Services

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Our unique services offer advanced, innovative and differentiating solutions that add value to products and processes and, ultimately, help to our clients become more competitive.


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Technical Reports Issued in 2023

Advanced Manufacturing

The service to the manufacturing industry services is one of our mainstays. We are specialized in welding and joining technologies, materials processing with laser technologies, heat treatments and industrial boiler as well as robotic and automation application.

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Simulation & Engineering

Simulation & Engineering

The numerical simulation in the early stages of the design process reduces expenses and development times. Our team works in analysis and calculation of structures and mechanical components.

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Smart Industry

We provide services ranging from design, development, manufacturing and the installation setting at work of complex mechatronic systems where high precision and dynamics are required to operate in extreme environments.

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Materials Lab

Our laboratories are backed by many official accreditations and recognitions that guarantee our impartiality an technological capabilities.

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