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Embedded technologies for zero-defect manufacturing process monitoring of composite materials

  • Start: 01/10/2022
  • End: 31/10/2025

COMPCERTO project will develop solutions that will facilitate the manufacture of structural components through SMC (sheet molding compound) by on-line monitoring of the process.

Process monitoring in COMPCERTO project will be carried out by embedded Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors techniques within SMC moulds that allow representative values to be obtained at critical points and in real time. The embedded sensing in COMPCERTO project will allow the study of the phenomena during the thermoforming process, as well as their correct interpretation and correlation with part defects, demoulding times and part quality.
This will give rise to one of the results of the COMPCERTO project: a new generation of smart moulds, which will allow the possibility of new advanced control strategies. In addition, COMPCERTO will enable not only the validation of the component during manufacturing (continuous monitoring), but also the definition of process optimization strategies (learning and development for zero-defect manufacturing) that ensure an optimal balance between quality and production (reduction of costs and environmental impact, minimizing the consumption of resources).

As a COMPCERTO project partner, AIMEN will lead the design and development of the multi-parameter network of FBGs for process monitoring. In addition, AIMEN will collaborate in the development of a methodology for the minimally invasive integration of the fiber optic sensor network in the SMC molds and will be in charge of the signal acquisition, processing and interpretation solution. On the other hand, AIMEN will work on the correlation of the sensor signals with the quality of the part in an industrial environment.

  • Sectors: Automotive, Transport
  • Financing programme: Proyectos de colaboración público-privada 2021
  • R&D&i: Integrated monitoring and control systems, Multimaterial systems
  • Leader: Muelles y ballestas hispano alemanas Projects (MBHA PROJECTS)
  • Partners: AIMEN Centro Tecnológico
  • Acronym: COMPCERTO
  • Ambit: National