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Fabrication of 3D metasurfaces to enable the next generation of high efficiency optical products

  • Start: 01/12/2022
  • End: 30/11/2026

AIMEN coordinates FABulous, an initiative that will develop an industrial surface ‘coating’ technology that exploits breakthroughs in multiphoton lithography and process modelling to manufacture high resolution 3D metasurfaces at a throughput viable for series production.

These metasurfaces will be capable of manipulating light with unprecedented flexibility and will open the possibility of designing and manufacturing smaller, lighter, and more environmentally friendly products, through the replacement of bulky components and/or the chemical coatings currently used to enhance the efficiency and performance of optical products. The project will explore novel methods for rapid (>10cm2/min) microfabrication of high-resolution (smaller than 200nm) 3D structures with a quality assurance and control system, as well as the development of new production tools to optimise the design and integration of the metasurfaces into functional products.

The application of the technology and its potential to contribute to the design and manufacturing of more sustainable and circular European goods will be demonstrated in a series of optical components lenses, light pipes, and micro-optics arrays.
Beyond coordination, AIMEN will be one of the key members of the consortium that will work actively in the development of the core technology of the FABulous Project, applying the expertise acquired in previous European projects like PHENOmenon, FLOIM, FAIERA or FABIMED.

  • Sectors: Automotive, Energy, Lighting
  • Financing programme: HORIZON EUROPE
  • R&D&i: 3D Micropart production, Coating technology, Laser assisted processing, Microfabrication, Production of functional surfaces
  • Partners: Multiphoton Optics GmbH, IRES - Innovation in Research and Engineering Solutions, FRAUNHOFER GESELLSCHAFT ZUR FORDERUNG DER ANGEWANDTEN FORSCHUNG EV, IDRYMA TECHNOLOGIAS KAI EREVNAS, Institut mines-telecom, Thales, PSA Automobiles SA, Planopsim NV, Ficosa Adas SL, Modus Research and innovation limited
  • Acronym: FABulous
  • Ambit: International
  • Web: https://fabulous3d.eu/