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Flawless and sustainable production of composite parts through a human centred digital approach

  • Start: 01/10/2022
  • End: 31/03/2026

The main objective of the FLASH-COMP project is to develop a fast and reliable (FLASH) human-oriented quality control solution capable of identifying in a timely-manner defectiveness during process and, consequently, to determine the in-situ corrective actions to be implemented, towards zero-defects LRI (Liquid Resin Infusion) manufacturing process, significantly reducing the generation of polymer composites waste.

FLASH-COMP will employ novel, fast and accurate Inspection and Monitoring techniques (FLASH-IM) within the most critical manufacturing stages –preforming and infusion–, to retrieve key process parameters.
This data will feed an AI-based Defect Severity Estimation Tool (FLASH-DSET), capable of estimating the generation of defects and, in consequence, determining if and what kind of corrective actions should be adopted within the pre-forming and resin infusion operations. Instructions will be linked to real-time feedforward and feedback (FF/FB) control strategy Decision Support System (FLASH-DSS) which will allow workers to take instant and precise corrective actions paving the way towards ‘first-time-right’ manufacturing; zero-defects/zerowaste.

AIMEN will lead the development and implementation of a novel low-cost sensors based on Hybrid Fiber Optic Sensors (FOS) for on-line monitoring of the infusion process parameters. In addition, AIMEN will adapt and implement the FLASH-COMP solution to high-performance carbon fiber composites for the aeronautical sector.

  • Sectors: Aeronautical, Nautical
  • Financing programme: HORIZON EUROPE
  • R&D&i: Integrated monitoring and control systems, Materials under extreme conditions, Multimaterial systems
  • Leader: LORTEK
  • Partners: AIMEN Centro Tecnológico, ESI GROUP, INEGI, POLITECNICO DI MILANO, MSI Grupo - Mondragon Sistemas de Información, CSEM CENTRE SUISSE D'ELECTRONIQUE ET DE MICROTECHNIQUE SA - RECHERCHE ET DEVELOPPEMENT, JOANNEUM RESEARCH FORSCHUNGSGESELLSCHAFT MBH, Ecole Superieure Des Technologies Industrielles Avancees, Infaimon Unipessoal Lda, MADE SCARL, AZIMUT-BENETTI, Israel Aerospace Industries, Insight Media Group
  • Acronym: FLASH-COMP
  • Ambit: International
  • Web: https://flashcomp.eu.com/