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Rollover simulation study in hybrid bus structure


Structural calculation in photovoltaic plants and laboratory tests


Structural design of welding and machining robot platform

Client: Equipos Nucleares - ENSA | Asociated Project: ITER

Study and redesign of the botafumeiro’s supporting structure

Client: S.A.M.I. Catedral de Santiago

Air-coolers structural integrity assessment

Client: CEPSA | Asociated Project: Puente Mayorga's Plant | San Roque, Cádiz

Developement of an autostabilized platform to equilibrate payloads into USV

Client: Indra | Asociated Project: Civil UAVs Initiative

EV driving dynamic simulation

Client: VMS

Exhaust manifold tightening simulation, sealing check

Client: Borgwarner

TMA analyses an fatigue life study of automotive components

Client: Borgwarner Emissions Systems Spain S.L.

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